Jason was born in the Pacific Northwest and raised in different cities across the United States. His passion for design and aesthetics was shaped at an early age by his loving parents. His mother stressed the importance of cleanliness and organization with her own housekeeping business while Jason’s father once converted a school bus into a mobile home. They demonstrated the value of seeing the potential in any project if you used a little elbow grease and an imagination. 

After receiving his high school diploma, Jason explored different parts of the country to figure out what he wanted to do with his life. It was during these travels that Jason decided his path was leading straight towards Seattle to attend the University of Washington. His college career was filled with hard work and even more traveling when Jason took the opportunity to study abroad and live in Spain and India.  Experiencing multiple cultures and ways of life lead him on a path of self discovery and growth that still influences his design aesthetics today.

Jason graduated from the University of Washington with a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture as well as Spanish Linguistics in 2011. One year later, Jason Dallas Design LLC opened its doors in the beautiful Seattle neighborhood of Capitol Hill. Jason Dallas Design has been helping clients reimagine their living spaces ever since.



“I feel that I bring a certain valid perspective, aesthetic and sensibility to the field of design, which combines traditional tastes with a sense of modernity to create spaces that people can live in and truly feel excited about.” -Dena Handelman

Like Jason, Dena has traveled and lived on both coasts of the United States experiencing cultures and lifestyles that have shaped her designs. From being a registered nurse to raising a family to co-owning a catering business with her daughter, Dena has done it all. But it wasn’t until she took an introductory design class at Bellevue College that she discovered her excitement and hidden talent for interior design.

Dena followed this passion and graduated from Bellevue College with a degree in Interior Studies. She then interned at GreenPoint Technologies as a Design Assistant which lead to a full time job with the company. During her studies and work as a designer, she found that her variety of life experiences and careers formed a well rounded design perspective for all types of different people and spaces. It was this  unique perspective that caught Jason’s eye when Dena decided to hire Jason Dallas Design for a kitchen renovation in her own home.

After discussing design philosophies during the renovation process, Jason knew that Dena’s modern and whimsical approach to interior design was a perfect compliment to his own work. He hired her as Senior Designer and together, they have been formulating new ideas and designs ever since. As a team, Jason and Dena combine their unique design perspectives and life experiences to ensure that each space is a true reflection of every client at Jason Dallas Design



A Seattle native, Sara’s first degree is in business from Loyola University New Orleans. Graduating from Loyola in 2009, Sara joined Teach for America, which led to her living in Oahu and then Washington DC, and also giving her ample opportunities to travel around the world on her Summer breaks. Sara’s eyes have always been drawn to design and the lifestyles of people she meets. Living around the country and traveling the world helped open her eyes even more to the world of design.

Following this passion, Sara moved back home to Seattle in 2012 and started her bachelor’s degree in Interior Studies at Bellevue College. While finishing that degree, she began her career at CallisonRTKL where she worked with clients such as Nordstrom and Nike to support the revitalization and modernization of their interior store environments. Throughout this time, she gained extensive experience with materials, finishes, and custom designs - from 3” mirrored pink glass countertops and living walls in a retail setting, to custom lighting and casework at local hotel chains. 

Sara graduated from BC in early 2017 and started working at JDD soon after graduation. She spends her free time enjoying all the PNW has to offer with her fiancee and bulldog named Musubi.



MATT WARD - Strategic Marketing Consultant

Matt brings over 10 years of experience in multichannel marketing strategy and brand development in both agencies and companies. Matt has served as a consultant on brand development, creative direction and social and digital marketing for a businesses such as Hyatt, AT&T, DirecTV, DreamWorks, Sparkling Ice, Tractor Supply Co., The Humane Society of the United States and more. In addition, he is a frequent freelance contributor, writing for publications covering history, travel, music, culture and the arts. Matt spent his early professional years in the non-profit sector, directing communications, grassroots initiatives, and artist advocacy at Blood:Water, an international development organization working to empower HIV-affected communities to reduce the long-term social, economic and health burdens associated with HIV/AIDS and the lack of access to safe water. During that time, Matt was honored to serve as a national delegate at the 2005 G8 Summit.

Matt is an outdoor junkie, avid reader, music-lover (& former musician), and traveler with a well worn passport. Hailing from Nashville, TN, Matt graduated from Belmont University. Now a proud Seattleite, he lives with a rescue cat named Honey Badger and a pup named Harper.